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06 декабря 2018, 01:10

$199 Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses Arrive in January

Stay on target

When Bose shared its audio augmented reality sunglasses concept earlier this year, we all assumed it was a tech demo, destined to gather dust alongside the 2201 speaker and Aviation Headset X.

Boy were we wrong.

The electronics maker this week unveiled Frames, a “revolutionary” wearable that combines premium sunglasses, wireless headphones, and AR in one pocket-sized device.

Available now for pre-order, the $199 specs can stream music and information, take and make calls, and access virtual assistants via the “tiniest, thinnest, most lightweight Bose system ever.”

Miniaturized Bose electronics are hidden in the temples (via Bose)

“Bose Frames are both revolutionary and practical,” product director Mehul Trivedi said in a statement. “They look and act like classic sunglasses—until you turn them on.

“And then you’re connected to your phone, contacts, the Web, and all its audible content, just like headphones,” he continued. “There’s nothing else like them—they’re a breakthrough you have to see, wear, and hear to believe.”

Even more impressive is its audio AR platform, which uses sound (as well as a 9-axis head motion sensor and smartphone GPS) instead of sight to relay information.

Of course, the functionality won’t be available until later next year; an update on Bose AR is expected during March’s annual SXSW conference.

Exclusive technologies and custom speakers direct sound at you and away from others (via Bose)

So once Frames hit shelves in January, they will be initially limited to micro-acoustics and voice control—which is still pretty cool, if you ask me.

Choose between two styles: square and angled Alto, or round and slightly smaller Rondo. Both block up to 99 percent of UVA/UVB rays, and are scratch and shatter resistant.

Battery life, however, leaves something to be desired: Bose Frames last up to 3.5 hours during playback and 12 hours on standby, but can be fully charged in less than two hours.

More coverage on Geek.com:

Source: https://www.geek.com/tech/199-bose-frames-audio-sunglasses-arrive-in-january-1764210/?source